Omega 3 Supplement
Enhanced with CBD
Grown and Produced
by Veterinarians
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Farm to market control for safety and purity.

Supports immune system, Improves digestion and promotes daily wellness.

Formulated for optimal relief from arthritis, inflammation, injuries, chronic pain, and anxiety.

Certificate of analysis on each batch.

Omega 3 Supplement

Enhanced with CBD

Using Mother Nature and science to promote wellness in our pets.

As a group of veterinarians and farmers, our goal is to produce the highest quality, all natural, full spectrum hemp cannabidiol (CBD) blended with pharmaceutical grade Norwegian fish oil, to create the most effective mix of CBD and omega 3 fatty acids. Our focus is to promote health and reduce pain in our pets.

Combining phytocannabinoids and omega 3 fatty acids increases the absorption of CBD by 3 fold over CBD taken alone, resulting in revitalization, stimulation, and balancing of the endocannabinoid system.


The ability to move freely and easily is at the core of why we developed CannOmega. By combining a complete source of omega 3 fatty acids enriched with the anti inflammatory benefit of CBD, CannOmega helps to reduce pain and inflammation.


Veterinarians have long known the positive effects of omega 3 supplements on reduction of pain associated with osteoarthritis and recent studies suggest that CBD is also effective in providing pain relief.


Recent and ongoing research suggests that adjunctive use of CBD may help to improve seizure control in some cases.

Best Bioavailability

Our products get right to the source by combining key elements for highest absorption

Easy Ordering

No prescription is necessary for CannOmega.

Vet Approved

Our veterinary creators took special care for animal health and well being in the creation of our products.



Omega fatty acids are susceptible to oxidation, which can render them ineffective and possibly cause more harm than good. Oxidation levels in fish oils are measured by peroxide and anisidine values, which we provide to insure our product meets the highest of industry standards.


The triglyceride form of fish oil is the most natural and easiest to absorb. Most fish oils are in the ester form is distilled and concentrated but through the process becomes oxidized, less natural, and not well absorbed. We believe natural is better!


We grow our hemp and maintain control throughout the processing and formulation of the final product. We provide third party testing to insure that your pet is receiving the best.

Combining Phytocannabinoids and omega 3 fatty acids increases the absorption of CBD by 3 fold over CBD taken alone.

This unique combination allows for better absorption along with revitalization, stimulation and balancing the endocannabinoid system.